1.What is the concept of a “high-level mindset

or the last two weeks, we have been reviewing and analyzing the Hudson City case. You have reviewed the lens of the ecological perspective as well as the four disaster phases one goes through after a weather-related tragedy has occurred. Create a paper answering the following question: What have you learned from this case about the four phases of generalist practice— engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation— that you might apply with your actual clients? Please keep in mind that you should not use first person or use of self when writing this paper. The paper should be no more than five pages in length with five scholarly resources in addition to your book. This should be typed in APA style and double-spaced using the font Times New Roman 12pt. (Text book-Normal  Practice of Generalist Social Work -Edition: 5th-ISBN: 9780367354312-Author: Berg-Weger)

C. For this class activity you will need to watch the TedTalk (link below) and respond to the following questions:

https://youtu.be/x9Ezzxy0frA?si=fO_QSVRTBtwpzK8lLinks to an external site.


1.What is the concept of a “high-level mindset,” and how does it differ from a fixed mindset?

2.How can cultivating a high-level mindset contribute to personal growth and success?

3.   How can adopting a growth mindset impact an individual’s willingness to take risks and overcome challenges? Provide real-life examples to support your answer.

4.  How can understanding human behavior help improve communication and collaboration in professional and personal relationships?

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