a controlled substance prescription in order for it to be valid

What is the purpose of continuing competence required by Licensed Practical Nurses? (select all that apply) Question 36Select one or more: a. Is the entry to practice requirements. b. Meet regulatory requirements. c. Is only necessary when there are problems. d. To maintain knowledge.

According to the federal Controlled Substances Act, what must be on a controlled substance prescription in order for it to be valid? Select one: a. Patient’s full name b. Patient’s phone number c. Prescriber’s email address d. Prescriber’s NPI number

What would you share with a colleague about the opioid overdose epidemic in the US? Select one: a. Drug overdose is a leading cause of accidental death. b. In recent years, there has been a decrease in deaths involving fentanyl. c. Less than 10% of opioids used illicitly are obtained from friends or relatives. d. Illicit use of prescription opioids does not significantly contribute to opioid overdose deaths

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