A core tenet of the biomedical model of mental illness

Recovery based services and trauma informed practice emphasise: Question 19 options: a) personal strengths b) deficit identification and remediation c) graduated (re)exposure to the trauma. d) careful selection and rapid use of appropriate psychotropic medication to relieve suffering.

Recovery-oriented practice emphasises the person’s experience of the problem and associated impacts. Which of the following options is the most consistent with this approach? Question 17 options: a) Asking questions about the person’s lived experience of their illness. b) Asking questions about cognitive deficits of the illness. c) Informing the client of areas in their life that they will need to work on. d) Asking the family what they feel is the most important for the client’s recovery

In recovery, valued social roles provide: Question 16 options: a) support for the emerging identity of the recovering person. b) income to allow the recovering person financial security. c) access to a variety of treatment approaches. d) a reduction in the symptoms of mental illness

A core tenet of the biomedical model of mental illness is: Question 14 options: a) treatment requires hospitalisation and the use of psychiatric medication. b) mental illness is distinct from physical illness.

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