a gradual onset of anxiety symptoms

Patient Information: Name: Sarah Thompson Age: 42 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Marital Status: Divorced Referring Clinician: Dr. Lisa Martinez Presenting Problem: Sarah Thompson was referred to the psychiatric clinic by her primary care physician, Dr. Martinez, due to symptoms of persistent worry, restlessness, and physical tension. Sarah reported experiencing excessive anxiety about various aspects of her life, including work, relationships, and her health. Her symptoms had been ongoing for the past year and were affecting her daily functioning. Background Information: Sarah is a 42-year-old elementary school teacher who recently went through a divorce. She reported a history of a perfectionistic personality and a tendency to worry about her students, family, and her own well-being. Sarah described a gradual onset of anxiety symptoms, which intensified following the divorce. She denied any history of significant trauma or abuse. Clinical Presentation: Sarah presented as a well-groomed and articulate woman who appeared tense. She reported chronic worrying, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, and a constant feeling of being on edge. Sarah expressed concerns about potential negative outcomes in various aspects of her life, even in situations where the likelihood of harm was minimal. She described physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches

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