ABA Reform Movement with Jo Ramirez-Messina and Jeff Newman

Cultural Humility in Practice

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Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Capella University

PSY 7710: Ethics for Behavior Analysts

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Culture in Behavior Analysis

Please note, all italicized writing in this template is for instructional purposes. You will not be using italics. Remove all instructions in your paper.)

In this section, you will begin by fully describing culture from a behavioral perspective and support with examples or resources (10% of grade). Define culture from a behavior analytic perspective (cite your source e.g. (Author, Date)). Discuss learned behaviors, practice and beliefs and how they are reinforced. Include 1-2 examples of a culture based on the definition. Thoroughly analyze the importance of incorporating culture as a part of a client’s/participant’s context in applied practice and research and supports with examples (15% of grade). Analyze the importance of considering a client’s culture when conducting assessments or selecting interventions in applied practice. Provide 1-2 examples of how culture can be incorporated within this context. [See chapter 2 of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis to explore cultural identities and chapter 3 for content about culturally sensitive practices in ABA.]

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