an implementation process that facilitates utilizing community resources

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1- The fifth standard encloses an implementation process that facilitates utilizing community resources to assist the mentally affected patient using different methods such as telehealth. A multidisciplinary team is significant in these patients’ care, providing continuous improvement, developing therapeutic relationships through video or other modalities, and counseling under a program established on the precise health circumstances influencing the patient (Ã APNA, 2022).The leadership role-specific competence applied during this week’s content was practical communication. Using telemedicine, we assessed patient safety practices in mental health patients, combining bioethical and legal dimensions into clinical and management decision-making. Another role-specific competence is Knowledge of mental health conditions that apply to our community using a comprehensive assessment of everyone’s environment to establish adequate evidence-based metrics, goals, and objectives to guarantee best practice.

2- Telehealth and telemental health offer numerous advantages in expanding access to diverse and resourced healthcare providers. They also present challenges related to quality of care, technological infrastructure, and data security. Identifying these challenges requires a comprehensive approach incorporating technological innovation with regulatory oversight and policies to promote equitable access and protect patient privacy. By leveraging the strengths of telehealth while mitigating its limitations, healthcare systems can enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes in an increasingly digital era.

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