An infant with hyperbilirubinemia should not be breast fed

Which statement about breastfeeding is not correct? a. An infant with hyperbilirubinemia should not be breast fed. b. A breast-feeding parent with flat or inverted nipples may be able to breastfeed. c. Improper position of the infant can result in the breastfeeding parent having sore nipples. d. A breastfeeding parent with plugged milk duct should not stop breastfeeding.

Mirna’s risk factors for work-related ergonomic problems include all of the following except: a. working at a keyboard for several hours in the morning. b. lifting residents without assistance for an hour in the afternoon. c. sitting at the nurses’ station desk for hours at a time. d. repeating PT motions with residents for several hours.

Rhonda, a nursing assistant, is participating in a workplace training program on recognizing the signs of abuse. The instructor describes different types of abuse, and explains that it is never appropriate to use corporal punishment with residents. What is an example of corporal punishment? a. Becoming frustrated and swearing at a resident b. Embarrassing a resident that is incontinent c. Twisting a resident’s arm to force him or her to remain seated d. Fondling and kissing a resident

certain infections require medical staff to take contact precautions. Contact precautions are not required for which type of infection? a. Head lice b. Shingles c. Scabies d. Influenza

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