an infectious agent could spread throughout a community

question 1. Video: Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic.This video features an experiment to see how an infectious agent could spread throughout a community and population. The data from the experiment is used to model morbidity mortality rates for a possible new Spanish flu like epidemic hitting the UK. The model is run again to include a specific intervention. 1 full pageDiscuss your thoughts on the predictions (e.g. morbidity and mortality)Explain how the predictions change after the model includes a specific intervention (state what it was!)Describe how you think this film might be useful in educating people about COVIDUPDATE: Film is available on youtube (for now)

question 2.Pick a culture-bound syndrome (See Box 4.2) and find an academic article (found via a database or GoogleScholar search) that explores this in culture-bound syndrome in more detail. Refer to this link on “How to Read a Paper” as a guide. How to Read a Paper Chapter 2 Searching the Literature.pdf

After selecting your article, you are to do the following:

1. Summarize what you learned about the culturally-bound syndrome from the article.

2. Discuss how this culturally-bound syndrome may be viewed/classified/approached differently in the DSM-IV compared

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