analyze how persons with substance use disorders

Purpose: This assignment affords students the opportunity to critically analyze how persons with substance use disorders or other behavioral addictions are portrayed in film and literature and begin to conceptualize, analyze, and present the case with evidence-based literature. This will be a valuable skill in a staffing setting and to diagnose and formalize a direction for client treatment.

Description: Students will watch/read either a fiction or non-fictional movie/book. Students will develop a five (5) page paper (excluding title page, no abstract needed, and references):

  • The first part of your paper should provide a one (1)-page overview that describes the character that has the addiction issue, story line, and plot. Include any relevant characters/persons, details needed to adequately describe relevant points within your paper.
  • Approximately three (3) pages should identify the specific disorders) and the relevant major diagnostic criteria. Describe the extent to which the manifestations of the disorders) are realistically portrayed/characterized. In this section, provide an analysis that links characterizations, events, observations, reflections, themes, etc., with the scholarly literature on substance use disorders and addiction.
  • Include a minimum of five (5) recent (within 10 years), relevant scholarly journal articles. Conclude the paper with a brief description of what you think will be the overall challenges for the character. Describe how your review and analysis of this film/book has enhanced your practice skills. (First person is allowed in this area only)

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