asymmetries impact the provision of public goods,

Write a paper based on the following:

Explain the importance of information to the politics, process and performance of government regulation. The scope of the task would include such topics as :

  • Why do information deficits and asymmetries impact the provision of public goods, in this case, regulations?
  • What role can the Reversal of the Burden of Proof play in addressing information asymmetries?
  • How do information quality and transparency relate to the public legitimacy of regulations, high compliance levels and the reduction of enforcement needs?
  • Where are information requirements essential in various stages of the Regulation lifecycle (i.e. the regulatory process)?

The paper should be a maximum of 3 pages, 1.2 line spacing and 12 Arial font. Please answer the questions by referring to the notes attached (links) and also use outside sources if needed but provide references. A plagiarism-free work is requested without the use of chat up.

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