Background on potential health concern policy

. The purpose is to assess your understanding of Determinants/Social Determinants of Health as they relate to health and health policy as well as how the Social Determinants of Health framework is a unique approach compared to sociohistorical approaches that view health as causal relationships/biomedical-physiological in nature. Also, this paper aims to assess your ability to appropriately use information and literature to support a Social Determinants of Health evaluation framework by using examples of how different Social Determinants of Health specifically impact health outcomes

Introduction of health topic introduced in the class (i.e. general statistics and how it is a health concern) (for this semester the focus was on COVID-19) – 1-1.5 pp.

2) Introduction to country selected for this assignment (i.e. general statistics, demographics, possible governmental structure, and health concern statistics) 1-1.5 pp.

3) Background on potential health concern policy within selected country 1-1.5 pp.

4) Introduction of social determinants of health framework – 1-1.5 pp.

5) Suggestions on how social determinants of health are related to health topic discussed in class

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