Briefly discuss the definition of trauma from a psychological perspective

Your extra credit assignment is to write a 6-8 page research paper on art therapy trauma treatment. This paper is to be in APA 7th edition format with a title page and reference page (no abstract required) and have a minimum of at least 6 academic sources.

If you have questions about the mechanics of writing this paper (structure, formatting, grammar, editing etc.) I highly recommend you utilize the Learning and Academic Resource Center. They operate a writing center to support in these areas.

In your research paper please address the following points:

1)    Briefly discuss the definition of trauma from a psychological perspective and how it can impact mental health. This point here could be a book in itself so be careful about getting sucked into a rabbit hole! Just focus on demonstrating your general understanding of this knowledge so you can move on to art therapy specifically.

2)    Discuss the unique advantages of art therapy treatment for trauma. What about art therapy makes it a preferred treatment option? Why is it unique in its benefits compared to other available treatments?

3)    Please make sure to include why art therapy is advantageous for trauma treatment from a neuroscience perspective. Your entire paper does not need to be devoted to this perspective, but it should be included

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