Burnout in healthcare workers

This research paper is for my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class. DUE DATE 5/7/24. Here’s the outline/description of the paper we got: Each student is to write a paper on a problem facing EMS today. The paper will be 2-3 pages, 12-point font, double spaced paper using at least 2 outside sources other than your textbook or wikipedia. You must cite your sources. The paper should identify:

1. The problem

2. What created or contributes to the problem

3. How it affects EMS and healthcare

4. A possible solution for the problem.

IDEAS: You can chose one of the topics below or you are more than welcome choose your own as long as you can adequately answer the 4 questions above:

-Bed delays/offload delays

-Hospital overcrowding

-Burnout in healthcare workers

-Mental healt/PTSD in healthcare workers

-Lack of insurance

-Language or cultural barriers to care

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