Calcification surrounding the fracture indicates the injury

What methods can the nurse use to deal with the behavior? 3. What purpose do the pictures serve for Frank? 4. It is noted that Frank is limping with limited weight bearing on his right foot. An order is received for an x-ray that reveals a comminuted fracture of the third metatarsal. Calcification surrounding the fracture indicates the injury occurred several weeks ago, and it is decided to allow calcification to continue and not to intervene surgically at this point. How is this injury affecting Frank’s behavior? 5. What approach can the nurse use to help Frank with the pain he does not understand? 6. What nursing approaches may be used to releive some of the caregiver strain for Ruth?

Health education helps the facility improve skills, knowledge and attitude to improve patients’ facilities. The topics covered in health education include social, emotional, mental, and physical health. It motivates patients to maintain and improve their health, reduce complex behaviour, and avoid disease. The screening test is used for discovering health diseases or issues. Lifestyle adjustments and early detection are goals of the facility to reduce disease risk and treat patients effectively.

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