calculate the total absorption in this room in each octave band.

You can also find the same artist’s entire Before the Storm album released under the name Thomasin Grace or Hera Laineyat various music providers (such as Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music) by going to the following link; note that this is completely optional and not related to the assignment.


The Assignment

Write at least 150 words in total addressing the following concepts:

  1. What does the song say about dark energy?  Give at least one specific quote.
  2. Is it consistent with what you learned in Unit 4 Part 2 about dark energy? Refer to the Encyclopedia Link
  3. What is the relationship between gravity and dark energy according to the song lyrics, and is it accurate?
  4. In what way does dark energy relate to the way the song writer is feeling about her life?

Based on the geometric measurements provided and the acoustical data measured, calculate the total absorption in this room in each octave band.

To do this, you will need to calculate the volume of the BPC. It is not a simple shoebox shape like the other rooms we have looked at, so this will require some effort. You will need to divide the floor into rectangles and triangles to find the area.

Once you know the volume, you can calculate total absorption by solving the Sabine equation for A instead of the usual T60. A = 0.16(V/T60)

Use the T60 data measured in the demonstrations. You may pick any of the data sets (sweep, MLS, balloon) for your calculations.

In the end, you should have a total absorption, A, for each octave ban

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