care options that limit access to care for your selected patient.

Summarize two care options provided that facilitates access for your selected patient.  Summarize two care options that limit access to care for your selected patient.

Impact of Nursing Interventions

Summarize at least four priority nursing interventions or considerations to promote self-care for your selected patient to provide high quality, safe healthcare considering nursing-sensitive indicators.  Provide a rationale for each of your selected nursing decisions.


Summarize the key points of your project.

**You will not discuss the deductibles or costs of the insurance plans as this is not the focus of this this assignment.

Examine the relationship between healthcare coverage (insurance), quality care, and reimbursements (payments) to health care organizations. Select two different major national (U.S.) insurance health plans.  You may choose Medicaid, Medicare, HMO, PPO, or private insurance plans.  You can choose your own personal insurance plan if you prefer.  Review healthcare coverage options offered by both plans that benefit (facilitate) and hinder (limit) access to care.  Examples of healthcare coverage (insurance) options that facilitate, or limit access include medication coverage, primary care physician office visits, specialists physician office visits, emergency care, lab or blood work and diagnostics, wellness care, prevention services or surgery (these are just a few examples). You will also explore the role of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) and charity care within healthcare facilities (hospitals) and how charity care impacts the vulnerable or uninsured population.

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