Careers in Addiction Exploration

Careers in Addiction Exploration

Identify a career related to the field of addictions work. Research this career online (sifting through sources to find as legitimate of information as possible; e.g., via educational websites) to answer the below questions in a typed document (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font). There is no page requirement; simply write as much or as little as you need to concisely yet completely answer the questions.

NOTE: do not plagiarize! In other words, do not simply copy and paste content from the webpage to answer these questions. You must answer the questions in your own words. Copying from the webpage will result in a “0” on the assignment and may result in further university-related consequences (e.g., failing PSY 435 with a grade of “XF”) related to academic misconduct.

1.What types of activities might this professional do in their day-to-day work? (1 point)

2. What type of activities would this professional NOT be qualified to do in their day-to-day work based on their training and competencies? (1 point)

3. What are the requirements to enter into this specific field of addictions work? (1 point)

4. Describe your current education level and path. Given your current education status, what additional steps would you specifically need to follow to enter into the identified profession? (1 point)

5. What are your professional goals? How do addiction-related issues and/or addiction treatment fit (or not fit) within these professional goals? (2 points)

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