caring for the patient on the night shift on the 1st postoperative day

A patient diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the lung undergoes a left pneumonectomy. The patient has postoperative fentanyl patient controlled epidural analgesia. Complete a patient handoff to the nurse who will be caring for the patient on the night shift on the 1st postoperative day. Complete the template for a patient handoff and make up the details that you need to complete the handoff.

The emergency department triage nurse has a limited number of open beds. Which client does the nurse place in an emergency bed? (Select all that apply.) 1. 17-year-old client who intentionally ingested 15 acetaminophen tablets prior to arrival. 2. 24-year-old client who reports dental pain, rating pain 10/10 on pain scale. 3. 63-year-old client who reports a severe, localized headache with no history of headaches. 4. 77-year-old client who has had generalized weakness for the past day. 5. 88-year-old client who has a rash and whose spouse is being treated with permethrin cream. 6. 92-year-old client who is requesting suture removal, with dehiscence noted at site.The nurse changes the dressing on a client’s double-lumen peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC). Which technique should the nurse use? (Select all that apply.)

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