the PSY-315: Carl Rogers Explains Person Centered Therapy

-2 Discussion: Carl Rogers and Person-Centered Therapy

In 1965, a company called Educational and Psychological Films produced a series of therapy vignettes called “the Gloria Tapes,” featuring the same woman, Gloria, in therapy sessions with the founders of three important psychotherapeutic approaches: Carl Rogers (client centered), Fritz Perls (Gestalt), and Albert Ellis (rational emotive).

For this discussion, first watch the PSY-315: Carl Rogers Explains Person Centered Therapy – Part 1 (CC) video.

Then watch the PSY-315: Carl Rogers and Gloria Counselling – Part 2 (CC) video.

After viewing, please answer the following questions:

  • Identify and describe the basic counseling strategies that you see Carl Rogers using with Gloria.
  • In your assessment, how effective were these techniques in beginning this therapeutic alliance?
  • Please be sure to ask questions and comment on your peers’ responses, and respond to their questions and comments regarding your own response.

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