the implementation of innovative technologies

Operational Excellence


Week 2 Assignment


Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions:

· Chapter 3 – study questions 1-8, Exercise 2, 4 & 5


Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment:

Chapter 3 – Complete the two essay assignments noted below:

· Review the strategic integration section.  Note what strategic integration is and how it ties to the implementation of technology within an organization.

· Review the information technology roles and responsibilities section.  Note how IT is divided based on operations and why this is important to understand within an organization.


The above submission should be two -page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**

Note the first assignment should be in one section and the second section should have the information from the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.  The paper requirements for the two-pages applies to the second part of the assignment directly related to the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.


Text book (attached)

Title: Information Technology and Organizational Learning

ISBN: 9781351387583

Authors: Arthur M. Lange

What are some international organizations that fight corruption



The Ethics Paper must demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issue of

corruption, specifically bribery.

The Ethics Paper must adhere to 5 pages, including the cover page and

Reference page. The paper must be APA 7 formatted, written in Times New

Roman, 12 font, double space. Use in-text citations throughout the paper. In

other words, cite your source(s)! Please DO NOT USE BULLETS in PAPER.

Choose one of the following cases to use as a basis of analysis for your

discussion, analysis, critical insight into MNCs unethical behavior toward

government, publics, and people.

(1) SAP (Deresky)

(2) Alcatel Lucent SA


as well as other relevant information.

 What is bribery (according to Deresky)? Why do MNCs engage in


 Which multinational industries bribe the most, according to OECD


 What is the impact of bribery on stakeholders/partners/social


 What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and does it serve as a


 What are some international organizations that fight corruption and

have they been effective?

 My Role as Leader – According to Deresky (first) and then other

credible sources, “what are some consistent guidelines for MNEs and

their behavior toward government, publics, and people?”

the data collection procedures that will be used for this methodological approach

Unit 7 Discussion 1: Research Design and Methodology Details

For this discussion your will discuss one of the methodological approaches you are considering for a proposed qualitative research study. In addition, choose and describe the sampling strategy that will be used for this methodological approach and provide a rationale for the sampling strategy. Plus, you will identify and justify the sample size for the sampling strategy, discuss the data collection procedures that will be used, and develop 10 open-ended questions to be used in a qualitative interview for the proposed study. You will incorporate the feedback you receive for this discussion into your Week 8 assignment. Leave all headings in the outline.

Qualitative Topic of Study

For this discussion include 2 sentences stating the topic of interest.

Proposed Qualitative Research Study

Include in 1 sentence the Research Question (as a question and not a statement).

Discuss one of the methodological approaches you are considering for a proposed qualitative research study.

Sampling Strategy

Choose and describe the sampling strategy that will be used for this methodological approach.

Access Control Mechanisms Needed for Applications and Systems

Throughout this course, you will be working with a scenario in which some basic background information is provided about a consulting firm. This scenario and information is typical in many companies today. You are tasked to select a company that you are familiar with that is facing a similar situation. The company can be real or fictitious, but the framework and problems that it faces should be similar. The assignments that you complete each week are based on the problems and potential solutions that similar companies may face. The end goal for these assignments is to analyze the problems that the company faces with respect to the upcoming audit and to provide guidance on how it can provide security for its infrastructure.

Scenario Week 4: 

The case study company is also concerned about the confidentiality and integrity of the data. What policies and controls are needed to meet the regulatory requirements imposed by the recent initial public offering (IPO)? In an effort to ensure the confidentiality of data both internally and externally, discuss how you can effectively protect the data in motion and at rest. Create the following section for Week 4:

  • Week 4: Security Policies, Procedures, and Regulatory Compliance
    • List and describe the regulatory requirement that was introduced by the IPO.
    • List and describe at least 5 policies that the company needs.
    • From the list of policies, list and describe at least 3 controls that the company needs to implement.
    • Describe the data at rest and data in motion and analyze how they can be protected
  • Section 4 should be 2–3 pages long.
  • Name the document “CS651_FirstnameLastname_IP4.doc.”

Risks with no Network Segmentation

Computer Systems Security Foundations: CS651

Security Management for Tech Solutions

Dante Keys

May 19, 202

tech Solutions 2 Challenges facing Tech Solutions 3 Consultant On-Site Challenges 5 Challenges with the Recent IPO at Tech Solutions 6 Assets 7 Risks with no Network Segmentation 8 New Consultant Network Risks 8 Security Assessment Conduction 9 Risk Mitigation 10 Access Controls and Mechanisms 11 New Expanded Network Protection 13 SSO and VPN Technology for Tech Solutions 15 References

Week 1 Introduction to Information Security

Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions is a fast-growing technology consulting firm that specializes in providing IT solutions to various clients. They help organizations with their IT needs, setting up and managing network infrastructure, developing software applications, and implementing cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data. Tech Solutions has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. They work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions to meet their specific needs (TechSolutions Inc, 2023). Whether it is designing and implementing a secure network architecture, developing custom software solutions, or conducting vulnerability assessments, Tech Solutions has the expertise to handle it all.

Discuss the reputational and financial impact


This assignment allows you to place yourself in an ethical dilemma related to data security and privacy. You will analyze the scenario from a number of ethical perspectives, identify laws that are relevant for this scenario, and decide how you would respond to the situation.

Assignment Instructions

Select from one of the following scenarios:

  1. You are the IT administrator for your company. One of the employees discovers a loophole in the security whereby the employees may access the personnel records of other employees in the company. Personnel records include names, addresses, Social Security numbers, disciplinary actions, annual reviews, and salary information. You are working on a time-sensitive project and do not fix the problem for 2 weeks. As you are fixing the problem, you note that several employees have accessed personnel records using the loophole.
  2. You are the CIO of a large national auto retailer. As a part of your service, you offer auto loans through your dealerships. This requires your company to collect and store personally identifiable information on your customers. Additionally, you store customer bank account and credit card information so that customers can use automatic payment options for their loans. Recently, your company has been hacked, and a significant number of client accounts have been breached. The CEO is demanding that the IT group handle this privately rather than reporting the breach for fear that publicizing the information will have a negative effect on quarterly earnings.

Define cybercrime and the categories of cybercrime


This assignment allows you to define cybercrime and the categories included under cybercrime. You will then examine laws related to cybercrime from three different countries and compare and contrast those laws. You will discuss the ethical dilemmas that can arise from these differences.

Assignment Instructions

  • Define cybercrime and the categories of cybercrime.
  • Research how cybercrime (either in general or with respect to certain crimes — e.g., hacking, identity theft, cyberstalking) is handled in at least three different countries (one can be the United States).
  • Compare and contrast each country’s laws. What ethical issues arise as a result of differences in cybercriminal prosecution across cultures?
  • How will your understanding of the differences among cultures affect your ability to make decisions within your company?

Assignment Requirements

  1. Your paper should be a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages.
  2. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  3. Use APA formatting for paper, citations, and references.
  4. Be sure to cite your sources and provide the appropriate references.

medical practice that uses electronic medical records (EMR)


In this assignment, you will be provided a scenario in which you need to prepare for a HIPAA audit using materials found on the website and using a government-provided online or downloadable tool to perform a risk assessment.

Assignment Instructions

You are the IT and Security Manager for a small five-physician medical practice that uses electronic medical records (EMR) but has never performed a HIPAA security risk assessment. You need to prepare for the upcoming HIPAA Audit, and the site recommends performing a security risk assessment using their Security Risk Assessment (SRA) tool (downloadable or paper)

potential budget for purchasing new hardware

  • Review the three scenarios from the perspective of a systems architect.
  • Write your initial post about one of the scenarios.
  • Respond to at least two of your peers.
Scenario 1: You work for a small software company with four different departments, including Marketing, IT and Business Operations, Product Development, and Customer Support. Marketing currently has its employees use iMovie and Keynote to create their marketing materials and external presentations; there is no intention to change products since they have built their departmental standards around using that software. The IT and Business Operations department needs to use MS Visio to create system diagrams and flowcharts. This department, as well as Product Development, needs access to project management software such as Jira or Asana. Lastly, Customer Support uses a customer relationship management (CRM) program that has been supported by Windows 7 in the past. Scenario 2: You work for a large organization with 15 departments. A new leadership initiative to centralize systems includes requiring all employees to use the same OS and computers. Currently, some departments use Windows and others use macOS; some desktops within those departments have Linux-based systems. It has been discovered that some departments are still operating older OS versions, which has negatively impacted their productivity. For customer-facing departments, the SalesForce CRM is being implemented. Implementation of this CRM is what encouraged the leadership team to start a centralized initiative to have more systems connect to that CRM.

impact rate of information technology implementations

This week’s journal articles focus on transformational leadership and knowledge and knowledge sharing within an organization, please review these concepts and answer the following questions:

1. How do trustworthy and ethical leaders enhance knowledge sharing in organizations?  How does this impact the rate of information technology implementations?  How does this impact data management within organizations?

2. How does servant leadership assist with transferring knowledge in an organization?

3. When thinking about data analytics, how does transformational leadership assist with building good data structures?


Be sure to use the UC Library for scholarly research. Google Scholar is also a great source for research.  Please be sure that journal articles are peer-reviewed and are published within the last five years.

The paper should meet the following requirements:

· 3 – pages in length (not including title page or references)