collecting subjective data related to mental health

Identify 2 evidenced based NURSING interventions for psychiatric that needs esteem needs address each of the prioritized psych problems

When collecting subjective data related to mental health, the nurse knows to adhere to which of the following guidelines? Select all that apply. Be patient as the patient talks. Move from specific questions to open-ended questions. Stay out of the patient’s “personal” space. Stay within 12 inches of the patient while talking. Maintain neutral and comfortable body language.

The nurse practitioner is treating a patient in the emergency room. The patient complains of anterior chest pain that feels like it is ripping and radiating into his back and neck. Based on these symptoms, the nurse practitioner suspects which condition

slides should describe the issue and data (describe the problem to be addressed using statistics form the Healthy North Texas website, a statement on what needs to be implemented or changed, and the recommendation for action). • Four (4) slides should describe the problem that is occurring with the issue (statement of the problem/issue [history/status], an overview of the causes of the problem, statement of policy implication of the problem establishing its importance and impact of the issue).

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