connections between mass media and social media

Read the article “Hate Online: A content analysis of extremists internet sites” (a full citation is available with the instructions in the Content Module). The first 6 questions refer to that article. . What type of sampling technique was used in this study? O random sampling representative sampling O purposive sampling O snowball sampling

In what developed countries do emerging adults tend to live with their parents longer than in the United States? Group of answer choices South American countries African countries Asian countries

In Stefanone’s Mass Media and Social Media, a survey was conducted to show the correlation between the amount of reality television watched and variables of activity on social media. What are some of the connections between mass media (which includes TV) and social media? Reality television gives an illusion of how things APPEAR to be versus not how they really are. How do people implement this same tactic [of curating their lives] on social media and why do they do this? How do these illusions skew people’s perceptions of reality

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