creates an engaging, supportive, and predictable environment

The physical classroom design and classroom environment influence children’s ability to maximize their academic learning and encourage social-emotional growth. The blueprint of a classroom design that creates an engaging, supportive, and predictable environment, along with clear guidelines and expectations, encourages students to feel secure and increases motivation to be active learners. Observe the physical arrangement of two classrooms, birth-Grade 3, and the role they play in classroom management. Consider observing two different ages/grade levels. Following your observations, interview the teacher in each classroom about their classroom layout and design. Include the following questions in your interviews: How did you design your classroom to ensure it is developmentally appropriate and easily accessible for all students? What did you feel was important to consider when creating your classroom layout to create a positive and inclusive learning environment? How does the physical classroom layout support the inclusion of all students? What challenges did you encounter when incorporating an inclusive learning environment

n the table below, identify two (2) responsibilities of counsellors and their organisation in complying with privacy, confidentiality, and disclosurerequirements when providing individualised support services. (Your response should be approximately 60 words)a) Two responsibilities of counsellor:b) Two responsibilities of organisation

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