Define “aggression”.

Challenges that I could face would be that families of children on the autism spectrum experience strong emotions such as loss and sadness, worries about the ability to cope, and frustration and isolation in settings that appear unresponsive to their needs (Broderick & Blewitt, 2020). According to Dobre & Topala (2020), the birth of a child with a disability, who strays from the ideal and does not correspond to the expectations of parents, causes a shock, which triggers an ample and complex mourning process. Parental stress is one of the most powerful stressors, the feeling of powerlessness, the high cost of therapy, and the emergence of conflicts at the family level (Dobre & Topala, 2020). write a response Offer new perspectives, approaches, suggestions, or considerations for working with the client and family.

From general behavior analysis: Define “aggression”. Include examples and non-examples.

How might a therapist use the results of this assessment to inform him/her understanding of a patient’s strengths, challenges, and needs, as well as how it might guide his/her selection of appropriate clinical intervention?

Suppose you wanted to construct a scale to assess the quality of services delivered to clients. Discuss how you would identify and select potential items.

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