define two target behaviors for acquisition with this client


Scenario 1

Case Study 1 – Mike Crafone

  • 4-year-old boy
  • Lives with mother, grandmother, older sister
  • Identified by his school district as having a developmental delay
  • Qualified for and enrolled in early intervention program in school district at age 2.5 years
  • Attendance at the early intervention program has been sporadic due to transportation difficulties the family has been experiencing
  • Early intervention program has one BCBA on staff, but the program is not behavior analytic in nature and the BCBA has never met or assessed Mike’s behavior
  • Diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician at age 3.5 years with autism spectrum disorder. According to the developmental pediatrician, he is physically healthy.
  • Recommended for ABA services by the social worker at the developmental pediatrician’s clinic
  • Mother is not certain about what ABA is, but she has heard from other parents on the internet that she can get help at home
  • School district still is trying to determine what special education services, if any, will be needed when he enters kindergarten in approximately one year from now
  • Mother reports that he:
    • Flaps his hands and squeals quite often.
    • Hits his head with his fists and bangs his head on surfaces. He has broken a tooth from this.
  1. Choose and define two target behaviors for acquisition with this client, provide a rationale for why you chose each behavior.
  2. Develop at least two clear and measurable treatment goals for the target behaviors for acquisition.
  3. Choose and technologically outline one teaching strategy for skill acquisition for each of the target behaviors. Provide a rationale for the chosen intervention of the target behaviors chosen for acquisition which includes social validity considerations and how the intervention is supported by the evidence base.

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