Describe an engaging activity or strategy to capture students’ attention


Imagine you are preparing a science lesson using the 5E instructional model. Complete the following sections for each phase (Engage, Explore, Explain) of the lesson plan. Provide detailed and thoughtful responses for each phase, ensuring clarity and coherence in your explanations.

    • Submit your completed assignment by February 18, 20024.


Engagement Activity: Describe an engaging activity or strategy to capture students’ attention and interest at the beginning of the lesson. This should connect to prior knowledge or real-world experiences related to the topic.

Purpose: Explain the purpose of the engagement activity. How does this activity help motivate and prepare students for the exploration phase of the lesson?


Hands-on Activities: Outline specific hands-on activities or experiments students will participate in to explore the topic further. Include materials needed and a brief description of each activity.

Learning Goals: Define the learning objectives or goals for the exploration phase. What do you expect students to learn or discover through these activities?


Presentation or Explanation: Describe how you plan to explain the main concepts and key information related to the topic after the exploration phase. Include any visual aids or resources you intend to use.

Connection to Exploration: Explain how the explanation phase connects back to the exploration phase. How will you facilitate the transition from student exploration to conceptual understanding?

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