Describe Lean Process Management

Based on the description and the readings for answer the following questions:

  1. Explain why process mapping is essential for healthcare leadership deploying AIOps platforms to meet the goals of Lean Process Management.
  2. Select three of the “Wastes of Lean in healthcare” and e thehow an AIOps platforms could be used to improvm.

Grading Rubric Brief Essay

Writing Quality

  1. Do not include a face page.
  2. All answers must be a minimum of 5 complete sentences.
  3. All answers must be free of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling errors.
  4. All answers must be preceded by the question being answered.
  5. Answers must be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document attachment by the due date.
  6. Save as the fie as Yourname.briefessay1.doc (ex. JSmith.briefessay4.doc)

Content Quality

Answers are clear, comprehensive and demonstrates the student’s ability to:

  1. Describe Lean Process Management
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply key concepts related to this module

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