Describe the chosen classification of medications

Patient 4: 8-year-old Asian female with a diagnosis of severe depressive disorder presents to the office with a report of worsening symptoms. She has never taken psychotropic medication before.

Medication Guide for a patient. In your guide, you should provide the following specific instructions for the patient:

  • Describe the chosen classification of medications, from the classification category, for your chosen vulnerable patient. Explain your rationale for your choice.
  • Explain what dose you would start the chosen medication with and the frequency.
  • Discuss how the medication works to treat their symptoms.
  • Explain how long they should take the medication.
  • Discuss the typical or common side effects of the medication.
  • Explain the urgent or emergent considerations for the patient taking the medication.

The Medication Guide should also include:

  • Directions you would provide the patient on how to take the prescribed medication
  • Instructions on what the patient should do if a medication dose is missed
  • List of any other medications, over-the-counter medications, and/or supplements/herbals the patient should avoid while taking the prescribed medication
  • List of foods the patient should avoid when taking this medication
  • Date when the patient should return for follow-up visit with you
  • Discussion about the legal and ethical considerations for the medication being prescribed
  • Answers in consideration of Social Determinants of Health on how you would:
  • Discuss how financial hardship and lack of transportation could relate to Social Determinants of Health, as well as why they are important considerations for you as a prescriber.

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