Describe the fundamental tenets of social disorganization theory

Your answers must be submitted as a single document in Microsoft Word or pdf format.  The answers must adhere to the following guidelines:

1.    Describe the fundamental tenets of social disorganization theory, starting from its origins with Shaw and McKay and continuing through the more recent extensions such as the concept of collective efficacy by Sampson’s and others. Include a discussion of the empirical research that has tested the theory and its extensions.

2.    Compare and contrast the social disorganization perspective (e.g. Shaw & McKay and Sampson) with the differential organization perspective (e.g. Anderson’s “code of the street”).  How are the two perspectives compatible, and how are they incompatible?  Be sure to include a discussion of empirical research for each perspective. Given that they are considerably different in many ways, how do you think it is possible that empirical evidence has found support for both?

3.    Robert Sampson’s book, Great American City, makes the case that life is decisively shaped by where you live. Each chapter in the book supports this argument in a different way,

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