Describe the history and development of PK-12 school counseling programs

The development of school counseling has evolved over the years. Accrediting bodies and professional counseling associations such as ASCA, recognize the need for professional school counselors to advocate for the field of school counseling. When the school counselor’s roles are clear, this increases their effectiveness.

Imagine you are a school counselor who has been asked to speak to a group of individuals who are considering going into the field of school counseling. You are required to use presenter’s notes to convey this information to the school stakeholders.

Create a 10-12-slide digital presentation in which you address:

  • Describe the history and development of PK-12 school counseling programs.
  • Identify the ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards and Competencies that increase effectiveness as leaders, advocates, and systems change agents and how you would develop them in your role as a school counselor.
  • List the professional organizations, required standards and credentials, and labor market information related to school counselors.
  • Explain the role of the school counselor when working with families, PK-12 and post-secondary personnel, and community agencies.
  • Discuss how school counselors can be advocates for students and families.


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