Describe the market served by Stevens District Hospital.

As a health care manager participating in the reinvention task force, you have been asked to assist your VP in preparing a presentation for the hospital’s governing board. This board is comprised of the hospital’s president, 4 business leaders from the community, and 3 medical staff leaders.


This is a cumulative assignment, so you will pull your information from past weeks and update them with faculty feedback you received; this is a chance to improve your past deliverables by incorporating your faculty’s feedback from each week’s assessment.

Assignment Deliverable

Create a 12- to 16-slide narrated presentation for the hospital’s governing board in which you summarize your analysis and goals created. In your presentation:

  • Describe the market served by Stevens District Hospital.
  • Demographics
  • Competition
  • Employer base
  • State the mission statement and vision statement for Stevens District Hospital.
  • Summarize the SWOT analysis.
  • Explain the rationale for the strategic goals created for Stevens District Hospital and what issue it will resolve.
  • Describe itemized resources that may be needed.
  • Explain how the strategic plan provides focus and direction for Stevens District Hospital..

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