Describe the significance for the epidemiology

what were your impressions regarding the scope of epidemiology? Based on the material presented in this chapter, what topics are covered by epidemiology? That is, to what extent does epidemiology focus exclusively on the study of infectious diseases or on other types of diseases and conditions?

How would the clinical and epidemiologic descriptions of disease differ, and how would they be similar? Relate epidemiology to the term population medicine.

To what extent does epidemiology rely on medical disciplines for its content, and to what extent does it draw on other disciplines? Explain the statement that epidemiology is interdisciplinary.

Describe the significance for the epidemiology of the following historical developments:

associating the environment with disease causality

use of vital statistics

use of natural experiments

identification of specific agents of disease

Explain what is meant by the following components of the definition of epidemiology:



morbidity and mortality

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