describe three concerns or criticisms of applied behavior analysis

Current Issues and Future Directions in Applied Behavior Analysis

In recent years and, perhaps with growing voices, many researchers, practitioners, and participants have aired concerns and criticisms about some cultural and practice issues central to applied behavior analysis. Be sure you have reviewed the readings in this unit, as they will provide information on some of these concerns, identify areas for further critical exploration, and suggest paths to correction in these areas.

Please respond to the following:

  • Name and describe three concerns or criticisms of applied behavior analysis raised in this week’s readings.
  • What are some of the reasons cited that these issues are problematic for the field of applied behavior analysis?
  • Based on your readings, what steps for development might, in the future, help to alleviate these concerns and help to move applied behavior analysis closer to cultural competency, cultural responsiveness, and diversity?

Identify a personal behavior that you would like to increase, perhaps revisiting a New Year’s resolution that you’ve made in the past that you haven’t been able to keep. By referencing the information you’ve learned so far, discuss some reasons why you think the behavior hasn’t generalized or been maintained over time. Then, consider how you might plan for stimulus control over your desired behavioral response(s). What are some methods that you can discuss for more successful maintenance and generalization of your behaviors over time, settings, and situations?


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