Description of the school district to which this plan will apply

rop Box for Culminating Project- School Community Management Plan

LINK to the TEMPLATE for the PowerPoint:

This assignment must be uploaded to two links in CANVAS.  Failure to do so will result in an incomplete grade for this course.

  • As a culminating performance project, you will use the information that you identified in Parts A-E of your “School Community Management Plan,”  to develop a plan for an IDEAL “School Community Management Plan.
  • You will develop a PowerPoint presentation that you would present to your superintendent and school board members of your district to adopt the ideal  “School and Community Management Plan.”
  • You will submit the PowerPoint in the class shell (week 5) and upload the PowerPoint in the required TK20 assignment.
  • You should limit the PowerPoint to 8-12 slides including a cover page and a list of resources (reference slide) that you have used to make the presentation.

The project should include:

1. Two perceptions, as well as the needs associated with the uniqueness/diversity of the community. (Part A)

2. Goals–List two (2) goals/strategies to improve school/community relations from the two perceptions identified above. Include long and short-term goals. (part B)

3. Description of the school district to which this plan will apply (Part C)

4. Strategies for implementation of the plan including challenges, and strengths of the plan (Part D)

5. Projected plans to sustain the plan over time (Parts B and D)

6. How will the plan be communicated to both the internal and external stakeholders? (Part E)

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