determining effectiveness of the medication albumin.

A patient has developed a blood clot in their low extremity and is receiving warfarin therapy. Which outpatient serum laboratory tests best measures the therapeutic effect of warfarin. i. International normalized ratio. j. Activated clotting time. k. Prothrombin time l. Partial thromboplastin time.

A frail, 76-year-old woman on a 2 L/min nasal cannula with retained secretions complains of pain and discomfort as the respiratory therapist performs percussion and postural drainage. The therapist should recommend which of the following? A. Decrease the frequency of the treatment from QID to BID. B. Recommend a painkiller be administered prior to future treatments. C. Increase the patient’s oxygen to 4 L/min during the treatment. D. Discontinue the therapy and begin IPV

Explain how your views of nursing values in practice could change as you transition from a BSN to an MSN professional nurse. Ask yourself, what is a value that would carry over into your MSN role

: The nurse must evaluate each component to determine if it is relevant to the topic of the question- in this case it is determining effectiveness of the medication albumin. Platelet levels are not impacted by albumin administration, so this is not relevant to answering the question

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