develop a Nursing Philosophy guide

Nursing Philosophy Assignment

A philosophy is a way of thinking or a perspective that guides your actions. It is informed by your personal experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and culture.

A personal nursing philosophy serves to ground your practice in personal values and ethics.

It is a statement that outlines your nursing values and motivations for practice decisions and development. It informs the work you do and how you relate to others in the context of your professional identity.

In preparation for job interviews and transition from student to practicing nurse; you will reflect on your experiences and perspectives, develop a Nursing Philosophy, and submit a written document outlining your current nursing philosophy.

  1. Research –

The goal here is to gain some understanding of what nursing a philosophy is and how it plays out in practice. watch some videos, read some articles, ask your colleagues and/or preceptors.

  1. Reflect –

Consider your experiences working in healthcare, as a student, personal experiences with being “the patient”.

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