diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency

Which of the following requires authorization from the patient for disclosure of PHI? A doctor sends PHI to a specialist for referral A husband asks for his wife’s diagnosis at a physician’s office A medical practice submits a claim for reimbursement from a health plan All of the above

A single parent of a school-age child recently diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency comments that the prescribed treatment plan seems very complicated. What is the best response from the nurse?

An older adult may present with debilitative health conditions that affect the patient interview. Assess the following statements to determine which reflects older adults and the history interview process. Sensory loss should be ignored to avoid patient embarrassment. Older adults may experience an alteration in cognitive skills. Caregivers cannot be interviewed due to patient confidentiality. The patient’s family is the primary source of patient health information.

Recommend a factor that negatively affects accuracy when obtaining the health history of older adults. Longer periods for patient interview A patient’s altered sense of touch Short, clear patient questions Changes or decline in cognition

A nurse is providing care to a postpartum client who gave birth vaginally to a healthy newborn 48 hours ago. When talking with the client, which information would cause the nurse concern?

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