Differences in Gene Expression in Human Skeletal Muscle

1.THE WORDS you used to find journal articles

  • I searched for articles in DVC database: Academic Search Complete the using the phrase: sex differences and skeletal muscle as well as training and skeletal muscle

2. At Least TWO journal articles. Links to them, titles or APA citation. (but not all three needed)

  • I found these articles. Title “Sex-Related Differences in Gene Expression in Human Skeletal Muscle.” and a second article Zoladz, J. A., Majerczak, J., Galganski, L., Grandys, M., Zapart-Bukowska, J., Kuczek, P., Kołodziejski, L., Walkowicz, L., Szymoniak-Chochół, D., Kilarski, W., & Jarmuszkiewicz, W. (2022). Endurance Training Increases the Running Performance of Untrained Men without Changing the Mitochondrial Volume Density in the Gastrocnemius Muscle. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(18), N.PAG.

3.  2-3 sentence summary of ONE of the two journal articles (READ THE ABSTRACT IN THE BEGINNING TO DO THIS PART)

  • The article “Sex-Related Differences in Gene Expression in Human Skeletal Muscle”  looked to see if there were different genes being expressed in men and women which might account for the the usual size difference between the two. Interestingly, men had higher expression of genes that encode mitochondrial proteins, ribosomal proteins but it was actually women who produced high amounts of two genes,

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