different variants of the virus have infected the population

In March, 2020, the state of New York quickly became the epicenter for the COVID-19 virus and worldwide pandemic. Since that time, different variants of the virus have infected the population (Delta, Omicron, and more).

In this discussion, choose 1 variant of the COVID-19 virus and briefly discuss how the virus affects the respiratory system. Additionally, you will then choose either a vaccine or COVID anti-viral medication to analyze and explain how the intervention works to prevent or treat the virus. In this discussion, you are required to include at least 1 journal article to support your post.

For your peer responses:

Please engage in dialogue responding to any peer questions about your post and respond to peer postings per the discussion rubric guidelines.

This activity will be graded using the discussion rubric. Please use the rubric as a guide when you are creating your initial discussion post and peer responses. Your responses should address all criteria in the discussion rubric and contribute to the overall knowledge of the learning community.

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