differentiate the type of pain in the first stage and the second stage of labor

VATI_maternal newborn remediation: A nurse is caring for a laboring client. Identify and differentiate the type of pain in the first stage and the second stage of labor

One afternoon, Shipra, a nursing assistant, checks in on Willard, a resident, who activated his call light. He is lying in bed with the curtains drawn and the television turned on with the volume down low. He tells her that he wants to take a nap, but he feels cold. To increase Mr. Willard’s comfort, Shipra should: a. give him a backrub. b. provide an extra blanket for warmth. c. provide a snack. d. help him into a comfortable position

Luanne, a resident in a long-term care facility, was on an oxygen tank for a brief period, but recovered and no longer requires it. James, her nursing assistant, provides her with her a multivitamin each morning at breakfast, and helps her test her hearing aids, which she just started using due to hearing loss

The goal of most cardiovascular disease and interventions is global public health is to prevent premature mortality so most CVD in focus on people who are less than 70 years old rather than adults who are ages 80 and older The percentage of deaths from non-comic diseases in a population generally decreases from economic growth, true or false

The home health nurse is caring for a client with chronic peripheral arterial disease in both legs. Which client education should be included? Group of answer choices Elevate both legs any time client is in seated position Stop smoking as soon as possible to improve blood flow Use compressive stockings to reduce dependent edema Position a pillow under the knees while in bed

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