Discuss solutions used by nurse leaders in your workplace

The purpose of this discussion is to analyze solutions presented in the literature with those used in practice. Include at least 2 additional/not previously used peer-reviewed articles in your response. I recommend using the Literature Search assignment #2 template to guide your search and retrieval of articles for this discussion post.

In your post:

  1. Discuss solutions used by nurse leaders in your workplace/clinical site to address the issue you are investigating for your Leadership Paper.
  2. Then reflect on the feedback received from your instructor and peers (Discussion #2) for the proposed solutions you identified to address the issue. Choose one (1) solution as the best for fixing/addressing the issue at an organizational level.   Here’s instructor feedback:   Two articles summarized provided some insight into possible solutions that can be implemented for the issue: adopting a system to eliminate issues coinciding with the overall issue of nurse burnout (Laig et al., 2021) and the development of a program to help nurses cope with this issue (Adams et al., 2019). These are great!! Remember for your paper 4 solutions are to be introduced, 3 from you and 1 from a nurse leader in practice (preferably your preceptor). At least one solution needs to be supported through your literature found (and cited). Also remember to describe the feasibility and reality of implementing each solution. What resources are needed? Is is a reasonable solution that an organization can make? 
  3. Affordability associated with solutions? Education needed? What is the feasibility of that solution? How can this be a real, reasonable solution? What is needed to enforce?
  4. Outline specific strategies the nurse leader could employ to successfully implement the solution. Integrate concepts related to transactional and transformational leaders.
  5. Discuss strategies could the nurse leader use to manage conflict associated with change?

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