Discuss the benefits of service learning.

As part of the core class, service learning is required. Each student must submit a PowerPoint presentation (min of 12 slide)on service learning related to the research project. Here is the outline for the PowerPoint Presentation.

What would be a service-learning activity that would best support the topic researched? For example, if you are researching instructional strategies to increase student scores, a tutoring program would be the service-learning described in the presentation.

Discuss the benefits of service learning.

How have similar activities improved student learning?

What have been the outcomes of these types of programs?

How will this service-learning activity help form your value of service to others?

Make sure to define what service learning is and why it is important.

What are your future goals to begin or complete service?

What is the meaning of social change to you?Research is on:

Problem statement:

Relationships across the United States have tremendously failed over time, opposed to  

others in other countries or natives from other countries who stick to traditions in their  


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