Discuss the importance of evidence-based outcomes

The health care delivery system has an ethical responsibility to protect patient information and data as it relates to the process of patient care. Patients are also protected regarding their decisions to divulge personal medical information to additional parties and should always feel confident sharing their medical information with their caregiver as the maintenance and security of that information is protected by law. Pozgar (2023) states, “the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) points out that the patient has the right to confidentiality of his or her clinical records” (p. 1).

  • Discuss the importance of evidence-based outcomes such as audits and risk analysis, and how organizational policies can be used to improve patient confidentiality and patient health care outcomes.
  • Explain how PHI will be stored and how passwords will be changed and secured to reduce corporate liabilities.
  • Discuss how patients will be informed and educated regarding the organization’s privacy practices.
  • Explain the ethical duty of a health care organization to apply HIPAA to protect PHI of patients and medical staff regarding unauthorized access, use, sale, or modification of personal information.

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