Does the organism utilize gills or lungs?

Anatomy Section

What does the organism look like? Describe the body shape, colors and size, length etc. Note any

unique features your species may have (fur, feathers, tail, etc.).

Physiology Section

Pick two systems (circulatory, respiratory, etc.) and tell how each works. For example, how many

chambers are there to the heart? What is the direction of blood flow. Does the organism utilize gills or

lungs? What are the vital functions and processes that keep the species alive?

Reproduction Section

When does the species reproduce (time of year)? Is fertilization an internal or external process? Are

there mating rituals, color changes, etc? How long is the gestational (developmental) period? How

many offspring are usually in the litter? How much care do the young require?

Role in the Ecosystem Section

Is it a predator or prey, or both? If a predator, tell what it eats. If prey, what eats it?

Evolution of Species Section

From what did your species arise and when? What modifications in form have occurred

(if any) since its evolution? (If you cannot find this information refer to Table 25-1

in the text)

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