Does your insurance cover the cost of the medication

The nurse prepares to give a complete bed bath to a conscious adult client. (Arrange the steps in order. All options must be used.) Unordered Options Place a bath blanket over the client, then remove the client’s gown or pajamas. Wash the client’s back, buttocks, and anus. Then, provide perineal care. Wash the client’s face, including the eyes. Don clean gloves and ask if the client needs to use the bedpan or urinal. Raise the bed to a comfortable working height, then lower the side rail closest to the nurse. Wash the client’s upper extremities, hands, trunk, abdomen, lower extremities, and feet.

A client reports to the nurse, “I am tired of taking medications all the time, and I stopped taking all of them.” The nurse notes that the health care provider had prescribed atenolol 100 mg every day. Which question is most important for the nurse to ask? 1. “Why did you discontinue your medications?” C 2. “Have you had any episodes of palpitations or profuse sweating?” 3. “Have you noticed an increase in hunger or thirst?” 4. “Does your insurance cover the cost of the medication

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