Encrypt all confidential data within the database or hard drive

A02: Match Risks &Threats to Security Controls

You are presented with a table of risks and threats in a typical IT infrastructure. Below the table is a list of security controls (deterrent, detective, preventative, or corrective) to manage the risks and threats.

Enter the letter of the security control in the blank to the right of each risk or threat.

Security Controls

A. Use workstation antivirus and malicious code policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines. Enable an automated antivirus protection solution that scans and updates individual workstations with proper protection.

B. Implement encryption between workstation and Wireless Access Point (WAP) to maintain confidentiality.

C. Encrypt the data on the hard drive if the user has access to private or confidential data. Apply real-time lockout rules when told of a lost or stolen device by a user.

D. Place the employee on probation, review acceptable use policy (AUP) and employee manual, and discuss status during performance reviews.

E. Develop a disaster recovery plan (DRP) specific to the recovery of mission-critical applications and data to maintain operations.

F. Apply filters on exterior Internet Protocol (IP) stateful firewalls and IP router wide area network (WAN) interfaces.

G. Implement virtual firewalls and server segmentation on separate virtual LANs (VLANs). A virtual firewall is a software-based firewall used in virtual environments.

H. Define a strict zero-day vulnerability window definition. Update devices with security fixes and software patches right away.

I. Disable ping, probing, and port scanning on all exterior IP devices within the LAN- to-WAN Domain. Ping uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo- request and echo-reply protocol. Disallow IP port numbers used for probing and scanning and monitor with IDS/IPS

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