ensure the best possible care is provided to nonverbal stroke patients

For broader insights, secondary sources such as Bright & Reeves, (2022) and Hemsley & Balandin, (2014) had to be incorporated in the review. Bright & Reeves (2022) performed a meta-synthesis where they highlighted the necessity of genuine empathetic communication in the frame of constructing a beneficial patient-practitioner relation that is valuable for improving the satisfaction level and adherence to treatment schedule in case of stroke patients with communication difficulties. According to Hemsley & Balandin’s (2010) systematic review, this group of patients experiences several obstacles in hospitals, which would require the training of health professionals and the inclusion of caregivers in the communication process for a positive result.

Thus, the analysis of both primary and secondary sources contributes significantly to the understanding of the diverse nature of communication problems in nonverbal stroke patients. Some of the practical implications of this review entail the adoption of effective communication devices and software technologies for disabled people to gain independence in communication, and the design of patient-centered communication educational programs for health care providers. Future research directions are to identify other ways to improve the effectiveness of communication among stroke-associated nonverbal patients and develop technologies that can help enhance the quality of care for such individuals. This review advances the knowledge concerning personalized communication approaches regarding communication-disabled stroke patients in the nursing and rehabilitation contexts. This poster offers key recommendations for practicing healthcare professionals as well as outlining areas for future investigation to ensure the best possible care is provided to nonverbal stroke patients

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