essential that decision making involves evaluation


Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses and respond to at least two of your colleagues by supporting or expanding on their exploration of sources. Do you see any evidence they might be missing? Explain additional perspectives on the issue or exploration of sources described

Week 5 Discussion-Initial Post


When identifying a practice problem within an organization, it is essential that decision making involves evaluation which is based on collecting, analyzing, organizing, and critically reviewing evidence to make a judgement or decision about value (Hickey, J. V., & Giardino, E. R. (Eds.). (2021).

improvement analysis, improve work flow, and cross-train staff on literature searching and article selection skills.

Based on the practice problem I identified, my initial research was conducted by conducting in person interviews with staff to gain a better insight into the gap in practice. I also tried to look outside the organization and gain additional information from other organizations such as my organization in which I work currently to see if there was an issue with the same problem. By doing this, I was able to determine that it is not only an issue for the organization that I am doing my practicum at, but it is also an issue with other organizations. This was very interesting to me and made me feel that the issue needs addressed.


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