evidence-based cultural considerations

This is a verbal presentation so if you could write something up I will do the video recording. Thank you

Applying Cultural Competency: Interview Response Video

In this assignment, you will defend your nurse practitioner cultural competence and humility as if being interviewed for an NP position. You will create a response via video in Kaltura. The duration should be 3–5 minutes.

Respond to this question: Explain what cultural competency and humility mean to you and how you would apply evidence-based cultural considerations when caring for a group or individual whose background, beliefs, or values differ from your own.

Provide an example. Provide data or inference on a cultural disparity and reasoning to potentially solve the problem.

To answer this question, you should review published literature on the topic. Take special note of vocabulary and meaning of the terms, concepts, and applications. Use learned information in your response. Verbally cite one source. Reflect on how this applies to you personally as a provider of medical care

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