Explain why it fits what the commenter is discussing.

After completing the video answering the following short prompts (no more than 75 total words are needed to answer these prompts)

(A) What is at least one type of fandom, similar to what is addressed in the video, that you have seen online. Explain why it fits what the commenter is discussing.

(B) Explain two ways that the internet makes fandom more easy to form.

Question 3)

After watching The Social Dilemma, available on Netflix, answer the following 4 prompts:

(A) Consult the notes and write 100 words on what a conflict theorist would think of this film. How would a conflict theorist explain why this film is important? (50-100 words)

(B) List and explain at least two problems discussed during the documentary. What is the specific problem and how does it impact humans? (50-100 words)

(C) According to the film, how can we fix these problems? What, if any, steps should be taken to improve the problems identified in the film.

(D) Please write a 100-word review of the film, expressing what value you believe the film has for the audience and what, if any, problems exist with the film.

Question 4)

Fandom mini-ethnography:

Before completing this assignment, do all other work for this week.  Please read all the text below to understand this assignment (and feel free to email with questions)

For this assignment, you will do a ‘mini-ethnography’ of a fandom of your choice.  It can be a fandom that you are a part of or a fandom that you are not part of.  Your goal will be to outline the idioculture of the fandom you are looking at. Idioculture includes patterns in language use, inside jokes, rules, customs, rituals, symbols, clothing.

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